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Posted by Sandra Turner on 22/05/2018

Can anyone with historical knowledge tell me the difference between North Seaton, Seaton Sluice and the local mines with similar names? 1871 census shows Cuthbert Dunbar & family living at Seaton Colliery (street) North Seaton (village), Morpeth reg. dist. Was the street actually called Seaton Colliery, or has it just been transcribed wrongly? Is there anything left of the whereabouts now? Thanks.

Posted by DIANA LYNCH DANIELS on 08/05/2018

Loved the Sluice for as long as I can remember, best fish and chip shop Pans Club has good memories.Also the cafe at the round about with a juke box we used to sit there and listen to 60's records. Awesome.

Posted by Nicola Fraser on 02/04/2018   Email

Could anyone tell me where I could pick up Barbara's birth certificate Would the local church have any old information on people and family's who were born and lived in the area at the time of 1880s to the 1900s +as her or one of her parents could be from the same area if she was born there. Thank you for allowing me to inquire on your site

Posted by Nicola Fraser on 02/04/2018   Email

I would just like to update my information I was searching for regarding my ancestry and maybe put some of it right and hopefully someone older could help verify the information I found after I had hit a brick wall. I have actually found out that that my great great great grandmother was Barbara Wilson and born in 1883 in the Hertley or Hartley area at the age of 28 she married a William Wilson in Seaton Delaval but he came from long Stratton in Norfolk but lived in Seaton Sluice with Barbara for 6 years of there marriage and william worked as a Stone miner in Seaton colliery he was 29 years. They had 4 children Edith (Edie) born in 1905 in Hartley Isabella born in 1907-1908 in Seaton Sluice Ethel born in 1909 in Seaton Sluice and william a newborn in 1911 in Seaton Sluice Barbara Wilson is the information I seek. Who her parents were? Did they also come from Hartley or Seaton? I was hoping the older generation could help me as Barbara got remarried and she died in 1965 at the age

Posted by Fred Newstead on 23/02/2018   Email

I lived on rocky island in 1950 but moved to 52 Hartley Square in April the same year is there any records of families at this time living on rocky island.

Posted by Valerie Glass on 19/02/2018

I believe my ancestor Charles Dockwrey may have set up Charlie,s Garden but I need more information on the one of Garden fame. How can I find out more to see if it is the same person as my ancestor? Have tried so many times to find out but no luck yet!

Posted by Dick Attlee on 19/02/2018

I am very interested in how the new harbour worked and if there were any offshore features, such as moorings, to help vessels enter & leave

Posted by Andrew Small on 19/02/2018

Today I was walking on the rocks below the watch house and discovered what i believe to be some old trawl winches and wondered if you and any information on this?

Posted by Peter Atkinson on 19/02/2018

Does anyone have any information on a Newcastle registered Collier brig called the Laurel using Seaton Sluice to load with Hartley coal in the mid 1830s

Posted by Gil Dye on 05/09/2017   Email

A year or two ago I was looking at a patch of tar that had been exposed on the beach north of Seaton Sluice and got chatting to a man who was also looking at the tar. He told me that there had once been a thriving industry, extracting tar and transporting it along the coast by rail to Blyth where it was used for caulking ships in the busy harbour. Today I mentioned this to an apparently knowledgeable guide at Seaton Delaval Hall, who had never heard of this. Have I been misinformed? If not can you tell me anything more about the industry? Many thanks Gil (an interested incomer)

Posted by Polly Shearlaw on 30/07/2017   Email

Thank you so much to the writers of these pages :-) Simple curiosity (and Geordie heritage) led me here. I've spent a happy hour reading, fascinated by the history of the area. So much detail, wonderful.

Posted by Angela Thomas on 23/07/2017   Email

I've been doing family tree and found ancestors living in Old Hartley in the eighteenth century who are described as pitmen. Does anyone know which mine they would have been working at? I found them in the Earsdon parish registers.

Posted by Bruce Anderson on 11/07/2017

We visited in July 2017 to see if we could bring our boat in for the night, and although we found we couldn't (harbour too shallow) we had a completely fascinating visit. Now I'm glad to read more about Seaton Sluice's history - thanks for your work.

Posted by Perry hill on 11/06/2017   Email

hi I am looking for info on schools in the seaton sluice area 1950s

Posted by Leanne on 08/05/2017

I am searching for family history relating to Helgaard and Martinez. My grandmother was born in Tynemouth and would like to trace her brother Manuel Martinez born 1929, possibly married to a Valerie Glass 1952? Thank you

Posted by Niocla Fraser on 29/01/2017   Email

I also forgot to mention that my Wilson side lived in seaton sluice but had ship liners at Blyth port any help or put in the right direction would be great as I have searched and been unsuccessful

Posted by Niocla Fraser on 29/01/2017   Email

My family tree has links to seaton sluice I remember visiting as a child. I'm trying to trace any living relatives of The ROBSON & WILSON & WALKER families I'm trying to find out about a Barbera or Barbara Robson My grandad is Ralph Wilson from bedlington I'm also searching for info on a Isabella walker-wilson and a William Edward Wilson. Any help would be appreciated. So I can continue with my family tree. Feel free to email me

Posted by Alan Tulloch on 25/10/2016   Email

I am trying to trace my family history which is linked to Seaton Sluice. The family oral tradition is that we came from the Shetland Isles to Seaton. I have established that My grandfather and great grandfather, both called William, were born in Seaton in 1862 & 1832 respectively. Unfortunately I have been unable to establish the Shetland connection and would greatly appreciate any information that might help to establish the early history of my family at Seaton.. Yours respectfully, Alan Tulloch

Posted by Mark Bradshaw on 29/09/2016

Did Seaton Sluice ever have a lighthouse at the end of the harbour wall? Seems the shape of the base of the wall is very much similar to the one at Tynemouth pier.

Posted by sheila mellor on 24/09/2016   Email

was wanting more information on the old bell going to new south wales Australia

Posted by John Rothbury on 26/05/2016   Email

Could anyone please tell me what the purpose of the Stanton cast iron pipes in Holywell Dene was?

Posted by norma hurst on 19/03/2016   Email

i would love to see more images of seaton sluice in the 60s

Posted by Burt on 15/03/2016   Email

Hi, Fantastic website, really insightful and interesting , old photos are a joy . My family /The Burt's my ancestors are from old Hartley , rocky island seaton sluice. My G grandad William Thomas Burt,his parents GG grandad James Burt married Annie smout GGG grandad George Foster Burt, married Elizabeth Foster, His brother George married an Elizabeth Grey. I'm always looking for family

Posted by Dennis Young on 29/01/2016   Email

My 5x great grandfather was John NELSON (1745-1843). He was a glassmaker/bottlemaker at Hartley Pans / Seaton Sluice from 1779 if not earlier. (He had been baptized in 1745 at Earsdon, then a chapelry that included Hartley & Seaton Delaval etc.) He married Margaret BROCKETT at Earsdon St Alban in 1771. I'd love any info on Margaret or John (who might have been one of the first local glassworkers of the Royal Hartley Bottleworks). Their known children were Elizabeth, Catherine, James, Ann, Margaret, John & Ralph NELSON.

Posted by Audrey Young on 30/09/2015

I'm researching the Jobling family of Seaton Lodge and wonder if anyone has any information about them or the building which I think was destroyed in the 1960s? Thanks for a super local history site!

Posted by A Taylor on 24/09/2015

I'm trying to trace my family's Methodist baptisms but have been unable to find any records at Woodhorn or Newcastle, They lived at Old Hartley (Langley and Hay). I know about the old chapel on the Old Hartley square, now a field, but can't find the records. Any help would be appreciated,

Posted by John Robinson on 22/06/2015

Spent a week at the Old Hartley Caravan Club earlier this month. Your website was a tremendous help as we walked around the locality learning about heroic sea rescues and the traumatic mining disaster. And of course, other local history! Congratulations to the team who work in your Society and made such a wealth of information available.

Posted by Sophie Coombes-Winyard on 01/05/2015   Email

My Grandmother Maureen Douglas grew up on the island. Her farther was a master mariner Nelson Gladstone Douglas. Would love to know more about them. I believe Nelson's mother was Irish and called Mary Theresa Ann Ayre and his farther Thomas Douglas was a builder.

Posted by John Gosling on 22/04/2015

I have a birth certificate for my great great grandmother, which places her place of birth as Landing Seaton Delaval in 1853. I was wondering, could anyone pinpoint where the landing was for me?

Posted by Rose Di Mascio on 28/03/2015   Email

Myself and my husband will be opening the Tower House on Collywell Bay Rd as an Art Gallery at some point this year and we would like to incorporate local history into the gallery. As the project will take a lot of work we do not have a definite date yet. I am looking for people who know the local history of the area for ideas. It would be good to contact people who have lived and worked in the area who have experienced changes and have an affinity with the Sluice/Dene/Hall etc. If you know of anyone who is relevant please contact us.

Posted by Valerie Glass on 24/02/2015   Email

Can anyone tell me more about Charles Dockwray of Charlie,s Garden in Collywell Bay? Eg his birth year, occupation, family members, death year etc. I believe he may be my ancestor.

Posted by Alan Bewick on 08/02/2015

lived at Seaton Sluice from 1950 till 1960 Collywellbay road and Clarence Street and went to the old Junior school which is now the community Centre

Posted by david fife on 10/12/2014

Wow, a great photographic record of how Seaton Sluice used to be.

Posted by KarenKnox on 12/11/2014   Email

Loving the photos of home in Old Hartley .

Posted by Lorna Esme McIntosh on 17/10/2014   Email

Hi my grandparents fathre and Auntie Phil Tweddle Edna Tweddle Raymond Tweddle and Esme Tweddle all lived and grew up in Hartley Square Seaton Sluice I think at number 62 or 64 then they moved to a smaller house at number 2. I loved visiting my nanna and granda by the seaside - it encouraged me to live by the sea in Budleigh Salterton Devon 33 years ago

Posted by kenneth gibbon on 03/10/2014   Email

hi can anyone tell me if dennis hails is still liveing elwin Close thanks

Posted by Joan D'Arcy on 09/09/2014

Hi I have been rying to trace my late mother's family tree and if the work I have already done is correct then I am trying to find out if anyone in Seaton Sluice is connected to a family by he name of Grey/Gray. I have a Robert Grey born circa 1822 in Seaton and according to his marriage certificate his father was a James Grey a mariner. His mother was a Mary Ann Forster and this couple marred on 8th September 1818 they had another child a daughter, called Ann Forster Grey and this child died aged 4 months on 20th July 1825 I would love to know if there were any other children born to this couple. The big problem I have is that Robert married a Mary Gray/Grey and this has caused no end of confusion. Robert and Mary also had a grandson Robert Wilson who was also born in Seaton Sluce. Any help would be appreciated. The last place any of these people were found was in Lumley, Durham but I am sure that there must be someone connected to them still in the Seaton area.

Posted by John Thew on 16/08/2014   Email

IMy Great Great Grandfather Thomas Thew 1812-1876 & his wife Eleanor Dickson 1814-1898 doth died in Seaton & buried St. Albans, churchyard. Looking for members of this couple & their extended family. Taylor, Milbourne, Dixon, Inglis, Ingles. Love to hear from any from these families.

Posted by Eileen Gallagher (nee Hall) on 15/08/2014   Email

Does anyone remember Miss Crisp, a teacher at Park School, Whitley Bay in the 1930/40's? Her father was the lighthouse keeper at St. Mary's.

Posted by Eileen Gallagher on 13/08/2014   Email

I have many happy memories of Seaton Sluice and surrounding area. Prior to marriage in 1951 I lived in Whitley Bay, maiden name Hall. If any old friends remember me I would love to hear from them.

Posted by Pauline Wilson on 06/08/2014   Email

Hi am trying to trace members of the Wanless family Joseph and Lydia and daughter Jane-lived in Bywell Terrace in 1901-my grandparents lived with them their names were James and Mary9nee Carr) Wilson with their daughter Ann Isabella and my dad Redvers.

Posted by Nicola Milton on 22/06/2014   Email

I'm researching my family who lived on rocky island from the 1900s - the surnames are Gibbon and Douglas. My grandma and great aunt were called Janet and Minnie Douglas - their parents were Lily and Randolph Douglas.

Posted by David Fryer on 03/06/2014   Email

My Family were from 49 Hartley Square.Grandma and granddad were Thomas and Margaret Dickinson,My mother was called Nancy Dickinson and when married changed to Fryer.Although I was born in London I was brought up at the square from about 3 months old., My Sister is called Valerie Watson nee fryer.Couple of mentions on the emails I have read, Wes Dickinson was my uncle also.

Posted by John Gosling on 28/05/2014   Email

Hello all, I'm researching my family history and have tentatively traced one significant line back to Hartley in the 1700s. I believe, based on an 1851 census record, that a William Dale was born in Hartley in 1783. He may have had two sisters, Mehetabel (1773) and Mary (1776). Mehetabel's baptism record certainly mentions that she is of Hartley, though she was baptised in South Shields. So a bit of a long shot, but I'm posting here on the chance that someone has come across the name Dale in connection to Hartley.

Posted by neil Johnson on 19/05/2014   Email

My grandfather John R Johnson was raised in Seaton Sluice in along gone cottage at the end of the dene. I penned a piece on the Francis Frith website which may interest readers. Neil J. SW Scotland ex Earsdon Village.

Posted by Cllr David Swinhoe on 11/05/2014

I visited the Seaton Sluice, Rocky Island volunteer Watch House today. I was very impressed by the hard work the local volunteers have put into this museum. I especially enjoyed talking to people that were passionate about there areas history. It's well worth a visit for the views across the coast line and out to sea.

Posted by Chris Davison on 06/05/2014   Email

I have a glass walking stick (1m10 long)filled with red, white and blue sugar. My father told me years ago that it came from Seaton Sluice. He was from Seaton Delaval. Do any of your members know about such an object.

Posted by ken hendry on 28/02/2014   Email


Posted by Lesley Mitchell on 04/02/2014   Email

My GGG grandmother, Jane Sadler, was born on Rocky Island in 1828. Her father was a fisherman and she married William Hodgson in 1846 at St Alban's Church in Earsdon. If anyone has any info. I would be pleased to hear from them. Wonderful website - lovely images - great information.

Posted by Pauline Wilson on 06/01/2014

Hi my father was born in 1900 at Silverhills-his name was Redvers-and the moved to Bywell Terrace.Is there any Wilson families around still.

Posted by Pauline Melvin nee Wilson on 14/09/2013

Hi my father was born at Silverhills on 14th May 1900 and looking for any family still in the area.His name was Redvers Wilson-who then moved to Bywell Terrace on 1901 census .

Posted by Roberta Hawkins on 15/08/2013

Seems everyone comes here to find their relatives!! I'm doing the same, trying to find information about the Rawlinson, Burt amd Fo(r)ster families who lived in Seaton Sluice and Old Hartley at least until WW1. We've traced as far back as 1800. If anyone can help I'd be greatful, Cheers

Posted by Alan Kenyon on 04/08/2013   Email

Just visited Seaton Sluice to tread in the footsteps of my wife's ancestors the Sanderson's. Four generations lived and worked there, addresses like Hartley and also Blue Bell Yard of the bottle works, apparently first went there when bottle works was started, then left when closed moving to Bishopwearmouth and Sunderland. Male line of Thomas Sanderson shoemaker and grocer, then son Thomas bottle maker, then grandson Thomas bottle maker, then great grandson Andrew bottle maker who ended up in Sunderland.

Posted by Audrey on 09/05/2013   Email

Trying to trace the family of frances Hadley Dickinson, born 1916, daughter of Henry Dickinson who had brothers: Wesley, Stan? Robert, sister, Madge,

Posted by Bob Tame on 26/03/2013   Email

I like the site, My Grandparent 'Jigger' Proom was a coal miner who lived in Seaton Sluice all his life from 1891 to 1979, His wife Dorothy came from Seaham Harbour. They are remembered today on a bench on Rocky Island.

Posted by Charlie Steel on 15/03/2013   Email

Nicely laid out website. Easy to use, with a very interesting and informative history about the area. Please also have a look at my website - www.monkseaton.info

Posted by Mick Sharp on 05/11/2012   Email

Great site. My great great great granda Luke Dobie was living in Seaton Sluice in 1881.Has anybody got any idea where The Alley was? Thanks.

Posted by Ken Wardle on 11/10/2012   Email

My mother's family were called Brotherick (sometimes spelt Broderick)and members of the family lived on Rocky Island from at least 1841. Robert was a self-employed shoemaker.

Posted by Gary on 07/10/2012   Email

Good Site, My family are from Old Hartley, Seaton Sluice, Wes Wesley Dickinson who was my fathers uncle, noted as the person who removed the Blue Stone for safe keeping etc is the generation which I am related,again nice work,many a weekend there when I was a child, sledger, cowboy n chips

Posted by Audrey Nicholson on 22/09/2012   Email

My mother, Frances Hadley Dickinson, born in 1916, was the daughter of Henry Dickinson and Frances nee Stuart. They lived in Old Hartley. When my grandmother died of TB my mother who was aged five was taken in by Wesley and Sally who had the haulage firm. Robert Dickinson and his wife Annie took in my mother's mentally handicapped younger brother, Harry. They lived in a flat above the Co-op in the Sluice. I believe my grandmother was buried in SD churchyard.

Posted by Ann Earnshaw on 25/08/2012   Email

My grandfather was Thomas Sanders Earnshaw who had a passion for local history. I also share this passion and would really like to get involved with a local group.

Posted by Trev Cook on 15/06/2012

Very much enjoyed looking at your pictures,very happy memories of my roots and youth, with Church family picnics on the beach.

Posted by Rodney Shan Trotter on 14/04/2012   Email

Just researching my family that came from there.

Posted by Moderator on 06/04/2012

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